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  • To receive notification and citations of papers very quickly after they have been released to the public, you can sign up to receive LitAlerts by email. Presently, you can receive LitAlerts for all papers posted to "Genetics of Breast & Ovarian Cancer" or to a subset of one or more of the main categories listed on that page. (Be warned about the former option, also known as "All HBOC": anywhere from three to more than a dozen papers can be released daily as "All HBOC". Be prepared if you choose this option. They will all come in a single daily email, but there may be many of them, and on many days.)

    LitAlerts for each category will be released once daily (but only on days when papers for that category have been released). A LitAlert may contain multiple references. If you sign up for more than one category, when a reference is filed in both the categories (which is not uncommon) you may receive duplicate notifications of references. This is a glitch that we haven't been able to avoid and that we apologize for.

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