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GeneLit.com attempts to be as comprehensive as possible in gathering relevant references from the medical literature and other published and posted sources on any given topic. We try not to assess, screen, or exclude references based on quality or any other metric other than applicability/relevance to the given topic. (We may have some bias toward references that have at least some presence, e.g., an abstract, in English, as no other languages are read/spoken at GeneLit.com, but we do try to include materials written in other languages.) GeneLit.com does not vet material as to who publishes or posts it, funding sources, or possible conflicts of interest. We present it all to allow you to decide what is most important for your needs, and leave it to you to assess the quality of any given reference. We will include reports of negative research results, corrected or retracted papers, articles from the lay press, posts from blogs, etc., as long as they appear to be relevant to clinical practice and/or the educational development of genetics professionals or those with an interest in genetic conditions. (As to corrections and retractions, we encourage users to check references against sources with timely notices of such alterations or status, such as PubMed or the original publisher of the work. GeneLit.com takes no responsibility for errors or improperly presented data in any of the items it references on the web site.)

In this regard, inclusion of an item in GeneLit.com is not intended as an endorsement of the item or approval of or agreement with its methods or conclusions, and should not be interpreted as such. Nothing presented on GeneLit.com is intended to be, not should it be construed as, providing medical advice, or suggesting or recommending a medical course of action. Although GeneLit.com does not screen its users as to their profession, experience, or background, some degree of knowledge of how to interpret the medical literature is expected. If you lack this knowledge or experience and are attempting to use material from GeneLit.com for yourself, your family or others, we strongly recommend that you seek out assistance from licensed genetics professionals, or at least the guidance of your own doctor. Several good sources to find genetics professionals can be found at the NSGC website or the NCI Cancer Genetics Services Directory. GeneLit.com also encourages health care providers who feel that they may not have a solid grounding in medical genetics to seek out genetic professionals for assistance or referral, using these same links.

Although GeneLit.com makes every attempt to be as comprehensive as possible, we make no guarantee as to providing every possible relevant reference on a given topic. For particularly critical applications, we recommend that you cross-check your GeneLit.com results against that of other sources, such as PubMed, Embase, Google scholar, etc.

Please note that, although GeneLit.com provides the reference information for, and direct links to, the original source of items, we make no claim to, nor promise of, providing the full text of such items. This would not only be prohibitively expensive for GeneLit.com, but in the case of copyright protection would in many cases be illegal. Most of the links on GeneLit.com are to third-party web sites with which GeneLit.com has no affiliation and over which it has no control. GeneLit.com assumes no liability for the security or safety of any of these links or third-party web sites. Many such links may require paid or free registration for full or partial access to the material presented on GeneLit.com. GeneLit.com takes no responsibility in providing users with such full access to third-party web sites.