LitAlerts by RSS Feed

To receive LitAlerts via a feed to your RSS reader or the RSS function of your browser, use the list of RSS feeds below for each category of "Genetics of Breast & Ovarian Cancer" for which you wish to receive a LitAlert. Click the category's link below, then use the box in the upper left of the resulting page to subscribe to the category's feed, choosing your RSS reader as appropriate. Repeat this process on the links of as many of the categories for which you wish to receive LitAlerts. See below* for one caveat.

An alternative way to subscribe to an RSS feed for a category is copy its URL (web address), then paste it into the command in your RSS reader or web browser to create a new RSS subscription. You can copy the URL in one of two ways: Either right-click or Control-click the category's link below, then select "Copy Link Location" or the equivalent. Or click the category's link below to open its page, then copy the URL from your browser's address bar at the top of the page.

If you subscribe to more than one category, please be aware that many references are listed in more than one category. Because of this, you may receive duplicate notices of some references. At present, there is no good way to eliminate these duplications.

* If you subscribe to "All HBOC", you will receive the references posted to every category in a single feed for the day. If you subscribe to any additional categories, those will be duplicates of what you receive in the "All HBOC" feed. (You may choose to do that if you wish. Perhaps there are one or more categories for which you want the references to jump out without wading through the "All HBOC" list—there can sometimes be many references in "All HBOC", even in a single day—but still would like to browse all the references.)

  1. All HBOC
  2. General
  3. Guidelines
  4. Family History
  5. Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
  6. Male Breast Cancer
  7. Genetic Testing
  8. Genetic Counseling
  9. Psychosocial
  10. Public Knowledge
  11. Provider Education
  12. Mutation Spectrum
  13. VUS
  14. Sequencing Technology
  15. Phenotype
  16. Management
  17. Treatment
  18. Miscellaneous