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As a new, unique service—designed for a unique community—it is difficult to know what value has for users and what they are willing to pay for it. And as a new, unique service, you want to know what is, and how you can use and benefit from it.

For these reasons, is provided as a Pay-What-You-Want/Value service. is openly available to all. Use it, get to know it, find if it benefits you. If saves you time, improves your practice and your life, and you find that its features and content are unmatched by any other forum or product, consider what value it has for you and pay that amount*. We initially thought that an annual fee of $45.00 to $65.00 is more than reasonable for what it offers genetics professionals and others, but now we'll let you decide what to pay for using

Click the Pay Now button above to take you to the secure PayPal payment platform. Click on "Price per item" and enter any amount you want to pay, with a number of payment options—including major credit cards. Follow the link back to when you have finished the PayPal transaction.

The transaction is processed entirely by PayPal. Your financial information, such as credit card number, is never seen by nor retained by will retain a list of those who have contributed. When you have returned to we'll ask for additional information so that we know who values the site and the types of users for which to design/customize the site's content and features.

If you do find value in—and particularly if you find you can get what it offers nowhere else—and are not paying for it, consider this: If support for is appreciable, it can then be expanded by adding features, by adding genetic syndromes and conditions, by adding other topics of value to genetics professionals, by just generally increasing the value and impact of the site. If is not able to raise sufficient support with Pay-What-You-Want/Value, then it will be considered of little value and will likely go away. Or its features, content, and/or the effort required to maintain it will be reduced to match the level of diminished support. Consider this and consider supporting by the value it brings to you and your practice.

* Can't decide what to pay for what offers?

What do you pay for textbooks, courses, or conferences covering similar topics as Do they provide comprehensive coverage of the original literature upon which they're based—and alternative forms of coverage of the topics? Do they continue to provide links daily to updates of newly published medical literature, reviews, webinars, press coverage, and blog discussions on the topic as they become newly available? Do they organize the material and updates for you to find it easily in the future, by a number of different means? Do they offer to regularly provide updates directly to your email inbox?

When you select the right LitList, find just the references and resources you need for a patient, a presentation, a Letter of Medical Necessity, an oncologist colleague, or a research paper, could you have found the same in PubMed and other search engines in the same amount of time, with as little weeding and vetting of the results? How many hours has GeneLit saved you? How much is an hour of your clinical time worth? To what better purposes can you put an hour of your time? Is there someone you could hire to do the same? What would they charge?

Look over the GeneLit LitLists. Do you anticipate that you may need information on a given LitList topic in the future—for example, what is currently known about BRCA1/2 carrier decision-making for risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy, or what resources are available to improve the family history ascertainment/collection practices of healthcare providers in your area? Will you find the references elsewhere just as easily, quickly, and completely as using What is the time saved worth to you?