Topics is preparing a number of topics of interest and utility to genetics professionals and soon will be presented here, laid out much as the literature on the Genetics of Breast & Ovarian Cancer is currently.

Priority is on those topics that may be difficult for individuals to cover without complex repeated queries of PubMed, or those that are of particular interest for genetics professionals, not strictly for the provision of clinical care, but also for research on the delivery of genetic medicine, insurance coverage of genetic tests and protocols, expansion and evolution of the field and practice of genetic medicine and genetic counseling.

Examples of such topics are evolution and clinical adoption of panel testing and other next generation approaches; transition to adult care for those with genetic conditions; direct-to-consumer genetic testing; cultural competency, race, and ethnic considerations in genetic medicine; genetic discrimination and privacy; assessment of genetic services; genetic testing in minors. Watch this space for the introduction of these additional topics, and make suggestions for those that you would like to developed/added next.