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    • Long-term risk of cancer among the first-degree relatives of epithelial ovarian cancer patients: A cohort study with 48 years of follow up.
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    • Comments on .
    • Kratz CP, Evans DG.
    • Int J Cancer. 2023 Jan 16. doi: 10.1002/ijc.34432. Epub ahead of print.
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    The CHK2 kinase is recurrently mutated and functionally impaired in the germline of pediatric cancer patients.

    • Factors that influence the management recommendations breast surgeons provide to women with pathogenic variants in moderate penetrance breast cancer susceptibility genes.
    • Vanderwal A, Lewis J, Basil J, Atzinger C, Widmeyer K.
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    • A case report of biallelic CHEK2 heterozygous variant presenting with breast cancer.
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