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    • Research news

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    Comments on NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG:

    Subject: BRCA1 loss of expression in Uetrine Serous carcinoma

    Subject: Register for August webinar, July webinar slides and recording posted

    Webinar: Cancer SIG Aug Journal Club: Uterine Cancer After RRSO w/o Hysterectomy in Women with BRCA mutations. (NSGC. Cancer SIG Journal Club.)


    Drawing the Line in Risk-Reducing Gynecologic Surgery in Women With a BRCA Mutation.

    Letter, Comment:

    Reservations About Risk-Reducing Salpingo-oophorectomy Without Hysterectomy in Women With BRCA Mutations.

    Letter, Reply:

    Reservations About Risk-Reducing Salpingo-oophorectomy Without Hysterectomy in Women With BRCA Mutations-Reply.


    BRCA mutations and risk of uterine cancer.

    Press: Uterine cancer risk higher for women with ‘breast cancer gene’ mutation (Washington Post)

    Press: BRCA1 Mutation Increases Uterine Cancer Risk (Medscape/Reuters Health)

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    • [Article in French]
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    Comment / Editorial

    Salpingectomy as a potential ovarian cancer risk-reducing procedure.

    Research snippets.


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    Comment, Editorial:

    A major step forward for BRCA1/2-related cancer risk management.

    Research news: Oophorectomy in women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations. (Lancet Oncology)

    Press: Early Surgery in BRCA1 Carriers Lowers Ovarian Cancer Risk. (Medscape)

    Press: Young women with BRCA1 mutation 'should remove ovaries earlier'. (Medical News Today)

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    • Case report

    Letter, Comment:

    Fallopian tube intraluminal tumor spread.

    Letter, Comment:

    Serous carcinogenesis: a classic causality dilemma or which came first... ?

    • Do deeper sections increase the frequency of detection of serous tubal intraepithelial carcinoma (STIC) in the "sectioning and extensively examining the FIMbriated end" (SEE-FIM) protocol?
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    Letter, Comment:

    Early telomere shortening and genomic instability in tubo-ovarian preneoplastic lesions--letter.

    Letter, Reply:

    Early telomere shortening and genomic instability in tubo-ovarian preneoplastic lesions--response.

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    Comments from NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG

    Subject: An Online BRCA Positive Decision Guidance Tool.


    Are we ready for online tools in decision making for BRCA1/2 mutation carriers?

    Press: Are We Ready for Online Tools in Decision Making for BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers? (Journal of Clinical Oncology)

    Press: Online tool helps those with BRCA mutations understand options. (Medical Xpress)

    • Physician data query (PDQ®) update.
    • [No authors listed]
    • J Natl Cancer Inst. 2012 Feb 8;104(3):176. doi: 10.1093/jnci/djs025. Epub 2012 Jan 23.