Ovarian Reserve
~ Genetics of Breast & Ovarian Cancer

References on possible reduced ovarian reserve phenotype of BRCA1/2 mutation carriers

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    Should we or should we not? Risk reduction bilateral salpingectomy for BRCA mutation carriers.

    Letter, Reply:

    Response to: Should we or should we not? Risk reduction bilateral salpingectomy for BRCA mutation carriers.

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    • Letter, Case report, Comment

    Original research:

    Essential Role of BRCA2 in Ovarian Development and Function.

    Letter, Comment:

    BRCA2 in Ovarian Development and Function.

    Letter, Reply:

    BRCA2 in Ovarian Development and Function. Reply.

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    • Case report

    Letter, Comment, Case report:

    BRCA2 in Ovarian Development and Function.

    Letter, Comment:

    BRCA2 in Ovarian Development and Function.

    Letter, Reply:

    BRCA2 in Ovarian Development and Function. Reply.

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    Introductory article:

    BRCA 1 and 2 mutation status: the elephant in the room during oncofertility counseling for young breast cancer patients.

    Introductory article: BRCA 1 and 2 Mutation Status: The Elephant in the Room During Oncofertility Counseling for Young Breast Cancer Patients. (Medscape, Free full text)

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    The FMR1 CGG repeat test is not a candidate prescreening tool for identifying women with a high probability of being carriers of BRCA mutations.

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    Letter, Comment:

    Age-related decline in DNA repair function explains diminished ovarian reserve, earlier menopause, and possible oocyte vulnerability to chemotherapy in women with BRCA mutations.

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    Press: Early Menopause May Occur in Women With BRCA Gene. (ScienceDaily)

    Press: Cancer gene mutation linked to earlier menopause. (Reuters/Living Beyond Breast Cancer)

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    BRCA mutations and fertility: do not push the envelope!

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