Management Beyond BRCA1/2
~ Genetics of Breast & Ovarian Cancer

Management of high risk for breast and/or ovarian cancer beyond that for BRCA1/2 mutations

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    • Commentary

    Original research:

    Cost-effectiveness of Breast Cancer Screening With Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Women at Familial Risk.

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    Original research:

    A mismatch in care: results of a United Kingdom-wide patient and clinician survey of gynaecological services for women with Lynch syndrome

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    Original research:

    Association of Nongenetic Factors With Breast Cancer Risk in Genetically Predisposed Groups of Women in the UK Biobank Cohort.

    Research news: Lifestyle choices may reduce breast cancer risk regardless of genetics. (MDedge | Hematology & Oncology)

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    • [No author given]
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    Conference abstract:

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    • Review


    Invited Commentary: Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Screening Strategies-What's New?

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    Original research:

    No Evidence of Increased Risk of Breast Cancer in Women With Lynch Syndrome Identified by Multigene Panel Testing.

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    Summary, Review:

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    Summary, Review:

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    Commentary, Presentation:

    Discussion on: Breast cancer risk assessment in patients who test negative for a hereditary cancer syndrome.

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    Letter, Comment:

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    Letter, Reply:

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    Letter, Commentary:

    A response to "Personalised medicine and population health: breast and ovarian cancer".


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    Original Research:

    Uptake, Results, and Outcomes of Germline Multiple-Gene Sequencing After Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

    Letter, reply:

    Cancer Risk Estimates for Study of Multiple-Gene Testing After Diagnosis of Breast Cancer—Reply

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    • Review

    Letter, Commentary:

    A response to "Personalised medicine and population health: breast and ovarian cancer".

    Letter, Reply:

    Author response to “a response to ‘personalised medicine and population health: breast and ovarian cancer’”.

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    • [No author given]
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    • Letter

    A Multigene Test Could Cost-Effectively Help Extend Life Expectancy for Women at Risk of Hereditary Breast Cancer.


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    • Review

    Comments from NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG

    Subject: PTEN article request

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    • [No authors listed]
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    • Review

    Comments on NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG

    Subject: Article request

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