Decision-Making ~ Management
~ Genetics of Breast & Ovarian Cancer

Decision-making around issues of management and prevention, including information needs, adherence, etc.

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    Original research:

    Attitudes towards risk-reducing early salpingectomy with delayed oophorectomy for ovarian cancer prevention: a cohort study.

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    • Commentary

    Original research:

    Cost-effectiveness of Breast Cancer Screening With Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Women at Familial Risk.

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    Original research:

    Attitudes towards risk-reducing early salpingectomy with delayed oophorectomy for ovarian cancer prevention: a cohort study.

    • Physicians communicating with women at genetic risk of breast and ovarian cancer: Are we in the middle of the ford between contradictory messages and unshared decision making?
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    Attitudes towards risk-reducing salpingectomy: listen to the patients.

    Press: Two-Stage Surgery to Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk Piques Interest (Medscape. News & Perspective.)

    Research news: Study: Women support delayed removal of ovaries (FORCE. XRAY.)

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    • Review
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    • Review
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    Research news: Study Sees Survival Boost For BRCA1/2 Carriers Tested Before Breast Cancer Diagnosis. (GenomeWeb)

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    Summary, Review:

    Management of Hereditary Breast Cancer: ASCO, ASTRO, and SSO Guideline.

    Summary, Review:

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    • Letter, Comment


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    • Press

    Press: Downgraded Variant. (GenomeWeb)

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    • Review
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    Original research:

    Interim Results from the IMPACT Study: Evidence for Prostate-specific Antigen Screening in BRCA2 Mutation Carriers.

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    Original research:

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    Subject: Article requests

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    Comments from NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG

    Subject: An Online BRCA Positive Decision Guidance Tool.


    Are we ready for online tools in decision making for BRCA1/2 mutation carriers?

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