Alternative Approaches ~ Genetic Counseling
~ Genetics of Breast & Ovarian Cancer

Methods, tools, sessions beyond the traditional approach to HBOC genetic counseling and testing; includes test result disclosure alternatives, telegenetics, group counseling, video-teleconferencing, online counseling, etc. Also includes papers covering situations in which there may be little, no, or insufficient provision of genetic counseling, as in some circumstances of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, provision of testing by unqualified providers, etc.

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    • Mainstreaming germline BRCA1/2 testing in non-mucinous epithelial ovarian cancer in the North West of England.
    • Flaum N, Morgan RD, Burghel GJ, Bulman M, Clamp AR, Hasan J, Mitchell CL, Badea D, Moon S, Hogg M, Hadjiyiannakis D, Clancy T, Schlecht H, Woodward ER, Crosbie EJ, Edmondson RJ, Wallace AJ, Jayson GC, Lalloo FI, Harkness EF, Evans DGR.
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    • Improving primary care identification of familial breast cancer risk using proactive invitation and decision support.
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    • Web-based return of BRCA2 research results: one-year genetic counselling experience in Iceland.
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    • Implementation of Germline Testing for Prostate Cancer: Philadelphia Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference 2019.
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    Press: Cancer Experts Develop Precision Medicine-Based Genetic Testing Framework for Prostate Cancer. (GenomeWeb)

    Press: Consider Genetic Testing in All Metastatic Prostate Cancers. (MedPage Today)

    • How to improve the identification of patients with cancer eligible for genetic counselling?
    • Bracci R, Gasperini B, Capalbo M, Campanelli T, Caimmi E, Mattioli R, Espinosa E, Prospero E.
    • Eur J Cancer Care (Engl). 2020 Jun 8:e13276. doi: 10.1111/ecc.13276. Epub ahead of print.
    • Studies Show Potential of Video, Online Education to Expand Cancer Risk Genetic Test Access.
    • Ray T.
    • Precision Oncology News. 2020 Jun 4.
    • Press
    • "It wasn't just for me": Motivations and implications of genetic testing for women at a low risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome.
    • Gill G, Beard C, Storey K, Taylor S, Sexton A.
    • Psychooncology. 2020 Jun 4. doi: 10.1002/pon.5436. Epub ahead of print.
    • Setting a baseline: A 7-year review of referral rates and outcomes for serous ovarian cancer prior to implementation of oncologist mediated genetic testing.
    • Armel SR, Volenik A, Demsky R, Malcolmson J, Maganti M, McCuaig J.
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    • BFOR Study Uses Digital Tools to Facilitate Population BRCA Screening in Ashkenazi Jewish Community.
    • Anderson A.
    • Precision Oncology News. 2020 Jun 3.
    • Remote Screening Test for Ovarian Cancer Receives Study Validation.
    • [No author given]
    • Clinical OMICs. 2020 Jun 2.
    • Direct-to-consumer misleading information on cancer risks calls for an urgent clarification of health genetic testing performed by commercial companies.
    • de Pauw A, Schwartz M, Colas C, Golmard L, Stoppa-Lyonnet D.
    • Eur J Cancer. 2020 Jun 1;132:100-103. doi: 10.1016/j.ejca.2020.03.007.
    • Commentary
    • BRCA testing in a genomic diagnostics referral center during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Minucci A, Scambia G, Santonocito C, Concolino P, Urbani A.
    • Mol Biol Rep. 2020 Jun;47(6):4857-4860. doi: 10.1007/s11033-020-05479-3. Epub 2020 May 9.
    • Executive Summary of the Early-Onset Breast Cancer Evidence Review Conference.
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    • Changing practice: moving to a specialist nurse-led service for BRCA gene testing.
    • Scott N, O'Sullivan J, Asgeirsson K, Macmillan D, Wilson E.
    • Br J Nurs. 2020 May 28;29(10):S6-S13. doi: 10.12968/bjon.2020.29.10.S6.
    • How can Australia integrate routine genetic sequencing in oncology: a qualitative study through an implementation science lens.
    • O'Shea R, Rankin NM, Kentwell M, Gleeson M, Salmon L, Tucker KM, Lewis S, Taylor N.
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    • Utilization of health information technology among cancer genetic counselors.
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    • The development and evaluation of a nationwide training program for oncology health professionals in the provision of genetic testing for ovarian cancer patients.
    • Gleeson M, Kentwell M, Meiser B, Do J, Nevin S, Taylor N, Barlow-Stewart K, Kirk J, James P, Scott CL, Williams R, Gamet K, Burke J, Murphy M, Antill YC, Pearn A, Pachter N, Ebzery C, Poplawski N, Friedlander M, Tucker KM; Australian Genetic Testing Mainstreaming Collaborative Group.
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    • Women's responses and understanding of polygenic breast cancer risk information.
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    • Population Study of Ovarian Cancer Risk Prediction for Targeted Screening and Prevention.
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    • Population-based Genetic Testing for Precision Prevention.
    • Evans O, Manchanda R.
    • Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2020 May 14:canprevres.0002.2020. doi: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-20-0002. Epub ahead of print.
    • Commentary
    • Use of telephone intake for family history taking at a cancer genetics service in Asia.
    • Chin XW, Ang ZLT, Tan RYC, Courtney E, Shaw T, Chen Y, Li ST, Ngeow JYY.
    • J Genet Couns. 2020 May 5. doi: 10.1002/jgc4.1286. [Epub ahead of print]
    • Genetic testing costs and compliance with clinical best practices.
    • Montanez K, Berninger T, Willis M, Harding A, Lutgendorf MA.
    • J Genet Couns. 2020 May 1. doi: 10.1002/jgc4.1285. [Epub ahead of print]
    • Positive impact of genetic counseling assistants on genetic counseling efficiency, patient volume, and cost in a cancer genetics clinic.
    • Hallquist MLG, Tricou EP, Hallquist MN, Savatt JM, Rocha H, Evans AE, Deckard N, Hu Y, Kirchner HL, Pervola J, Rahm AK, Rashkin M, Schmidlen TJ, Schwartz MLB, Williams JL, Williams MS, Buchanan AH.
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    • Predictors of genetic testing uptake in newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.
    • Ladd MK, Peshkin BN, Isaacs C, Hooker G, Willey S, Valdimarsdottir H, DeMarco T, O'Neill S, Binion S, Schwartz MD; other members of the Surgery After Genetic Evaluation Study Group.
    • J Surg Oncol. 2020 Apr 28. doi: 10.1002/jso.25956. [Epub ahead of print]
    • Systematic development of a training program for healthcare professionals to improve communication about breast cancer genetic counseling with low health literate patients.
    • van der Giessen JAM, Ausems MGEM, van den Muijsenbergh METC, van Dulmen S, Fransen MP.
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    • Population Screening for Inherited Predisposition to Breast and Ovarian Cancer.
    • Manchanda R, Lieberman S, Gaba F, Lahad A, Levy-Lahad E.
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    • Mainstream consent programs for genetic counseling in cancer patients: A systematic review.
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    • Adventist Health, CancerIQ Collaboration Identifying More Patients for Guidelines-Supported Genetic Testing.
    • Versel N.
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    • News
    • Facilitated referral pathway for genetic testing at the time of ovarian cancer diagnosis: uptake of genetic counseling and testing and impact on patient-reported stress, anxiety and depression.
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    • Germline Genetic Testing, Counseling Move Remote as Pandemic Limits In-Person Care Capacity.
    • Hu C.
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    • Illustrating Cancer Risk: Patient Risk Communication Preferences and Interest regarding a Novel BRCA1/2 Genetic Risk Modifier Test.
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    • Genetics/Familial Risk Assessment for Breast Cancer: Controversies and Evolving Principles.
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    • The Ethics of Delivering Precision Medicine-Pretest Counseling and Somatic Genomic Testing.
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    • Commentary
    • Pioneering Informed Consent for Return of Research Results to Breast Cancer Patients Facing Barriers to Implementation of Genomic Medicine: The Kenyan BRCA1/2 Testing Experience Using Whole Exome Sequencing.
    • Torrorey-Sawe R, van der Merwe N, Mining SK, Kotze MJ.
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    • Evaluating clinician acceptability of the prototype CanRisk tool for predicting risk of breast and ovarian cancer: A multi-methods study.
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    • Evaluating Web-Based Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests for Cancer Susceptibility.
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    • Review
    • Genetic Counseling and Germline Testing in the Era of Tumor Sequencing: A Cohort Study.
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    A Clinical Approach to Detecting Germline Pathogenic Variants From Tumor-Only Sequencing.

    • The Provision of Genetic Testing and Related Services in Quebec, Canada.
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    • How genomic information is accessed in clinical practice: an electronic survey of UK general practitioners.
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    • Review, Commentary
    • How and when to refer patients for oncogenetic counseling in the era of PARP inhibitors.
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    CME Audio, Interview: The Need to Improve the Clinical Utility of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests: Either Too Narrow or Too Broad. (JAMA Network: JN Learning)

    • The narrative paradox of the BRCA gene: an ethnographic study in the clinical encounters of ovarian cancer patients.
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    • Prospective Feasibility Trial of a Novel Strategy of Facilitated Cascade Genetic Testing Using Telephone Counseling.
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    • NorthBay Healthcare to Pilot GenomeSmart Genetic Test Recommendation Platform.
    • [No author given]
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    Press: Startup GenomeSmart to Address Lack of Genetic Testing Knowledge With Digital Solution. (GenomeWeb)

    • Chatbots Could Help Human Genetic Counselors Focus on Patient Concerns.
    • Curtin C.
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    • New Consumer Podcast Highlights Steps Individuals Can Take to Understand Cancer Risk.
    • [No author given]
    • NSGC blog, 2019 Oct 29.

    Podcast: Genetic Counselors and You — Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (NSGC "Genetic Counselors & You" Podcast Series)

    • BRCA1/2 Molecular Assay for Ovarian Cancer Patients: A Survey through Italian Departments of Oncology and Molecular and Genomic Diagnostic Laboratories.
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    • Case report
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    Comments from NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG

    Subject: Assist physicians with ordering testing?

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    Comments on NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG

    Subject: Register for June Journal Club; Reminder, webinar this Friday

    Webinar: June 2016 Webinar: Spreading the word: a review of two family communication intervention studies (NSGC Cancer SIG: Webinar Recordings)

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    Comments on NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG

    Subject: Are We Just A Bunch of Health Care Money-Wasters Who Are Indirectly Responsible For People Getting Preventable Cancers?


    Streamlined genetic testing pathway is developed for women with ovarian cancer.

    Press: Simplified the Process. (GenomeWeb)

    Press: All women with ovarian cancer should be offered genetic testing – so why aren’t they? (Science Blog)

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    Comments on NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG

    Subject: Are We Just A Bunch of Health Care Money-Wasters Who Are Indirectly Responsible For People Getting Preventable Cancers?

    • June 2016 Webinar: Spreading the word: a review of two family communication intervention studies.
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    • Comment

    Comments on NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG

    Subject: Dr. Narod's commentary on pre-test genetic counseling

    Utilization and Outcomes of BRCA Genetic Testing and Counseling in a National Commercially Insured Population: The ABOUT Study.

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    Response to Cragun et al.


    Response to Cragun et al.

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    • Review

    Research news: Fanconi Anemia: Genetic Counseling Research (Perspectives in Genetic Counseling)


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    • Editorial

    Comments on NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG

    Subject: Article request

    Subject: Expanding risk counseling beyond genetics

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    • News
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    Comments on NSGC Discussion Forum Cancer SIG

    Subject: Timing of referral for ovarian patients

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    Comments on NSGC Discussion Forum

    Subject: Current thoughts on 23andme?

    Press: Consumers have few negative reactions to the results of genetic testing for cancer mutations. (EurekAlert!)

    Press: Get ready for the risks of genetic testing. (CNN)

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    Retraction: Effects of a pre-visit educational website on information recall and needs fulfilment in breast cancer genetic counselling, a randomized controlled trial.

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