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    • Interest in genetic testing and risk-reducing behavioral changes: results from a community health assessment in New York City.
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    • Genetic Testing Challenges in Oncology: Missed Variant Update Delays Li-Fraumeni Diagnosis.
    • Ray T.
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    Special article:

    Is there a duty to reinterpret genetic data? The ethical dimensions.

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    • Study: Teens and young adults respond well to learning about familial cancer risk
    • [No author given]
    • FORCE. XRAY. 2022 Oct 11.

    Original research:

    Long-Term Adaptation Among Adolescent and Young Adult Children to Familial Cancer Risk.


    Breaking Down the Barriers of Hereditary Cancer Risk Disclosure in AYA.

    • Validation of the modified Chinese Information and Support Needs Questionnaire (ISNQ-C) for daughters of mothers with breast cancer.
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