Management Uptake / Adherence
~ Genetics of Breast & Ovarian Cancer

References concerning the statistics, counts or trends of those choosing various management options

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    • Letter, Comment

    Original Research:

    Uptake, Results, and Outcomes of Germline Multiple-Gene Sequencing After Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

    Letter, reply:

    Cancer Risk Estimates for Study of Multiple-Gene Testing After Diagnosis of Breast Cancer—Reply

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    • Letter

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    Letter, Reply:

    Letter to the Editor: Response to Cox (2018).

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    Letter, Comment:

    Cancer Risk Estimates for Study of Multiple-Gene Testing After Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

    Letter, Reply:

    Cancer Risk Estimates for Study of Multiple-Gene Testing After Diagnosis of Breast Cancer-Reply.

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    Research News:

    Angelina Jolie's mastectomy triggered sharp rise in gene testing.

    Research News: Angelina Jolie spoke out on BRCA testing: Did genetic testing increase? (FORCE)

    Blog post: "Angelina Jolie Effect”: What Should I Know About Hereditary Cancer and Testing? (NSGC Blog)

    Research News: Were women foolish to follow Angelina Jolie into BRCA cancer gene testing? (STAT)

    Research News: Jolie Effect: BRCA Tests Up but No Change in Mastectomy. (Medscape)

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