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    • Let’s Talk About It: Hereditary Cancer.
    • Meyer Krause C.
    • FORCE. Blog. 2021 Dec 22.

    Video: Let's Talk About It - by Caitlin Meyer Krause (YouTube)

    Guide booklet: The Genes Between Us: Your guide to sharing genetic test results with relatives. (FORCE)

    Resources: Sharing information about hereditary cancer with children. (FORCE)

    Guide booklet: Talking About BRCA in Your Family Tree (FORCE)

    • Worldwide review with meta-analysis of women’s awareness about breast cancer.
    • Wang YJ, Wang F, Yu LX, Xiang YJ, Zhou F, Huang SY, Zheng C, Fu QY, Li l, Gao DZ, Zhang Q, Ma ZB, Yu ZG, Liu LY
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